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My Preparations for Defending my Ph.D. Dissertation

Posted by essay-writer on May 21, 2013 at 8:00 AM


Afterthree years of hard work involving academic research, classwork andhaving a part-time job at the same time, I have completed thedissertation task for my Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree and Imust prepare for the oral examination that I would undergo before anexamining committee. It would be four weeks before the schedule of myoral defense of my work. I previously met and talk to some Ph.D., orother postgraduate students who have finished with the oral defenseof their dissertations and they first thing they said to me is thatthe examination is a nerve wracking and highly pressured experience.



Sofour weeks before the oral examination of my Ph.D., dissertation, Italked to other postgraduate students and asked them on thepreparations they made for the defense of their research, theiractual experiences during the oral examination, and I got somepointers from them about the examination. I also researched, read andstudied many materials on oral defense of a Ph.D., and I collectedall the notes from my reading and studying on oral examination of apostgraduate work so I would have a written guide I could review.



Sonow I am sharing in this blog the tips and other procedures on thepreparations for defending a postgraduate dissertation:



Youshould also talk to the members of the supervising committee thatadvises your research work because some of them may offer some advicefor your defense presentation.



Reviewingand practicing is another important tip in preparing for the defense.You should attend campus forum discussions that have similar formatsto the oral defense of a postgraduate work. You should also read andstudy your document inside and out because you are expected to be anexpert on the academic research that is the basis of the document.




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