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Do?s and don?ts in Writing Essays

Posted by essay-writer on May 6, 2013 at 7:50 AM

Essay writing in universities and schools in the United Kingdom is as common as seat works, reviews, oral recitation and written examinations. Writing UK essays may be an easy task – it is not a long as a term paper or a thesis, and may not require much research job. Thus, many students become confiden tthat they could write quality essays. However, when they commence writing this piece of academic paper, they would wish that they know some tips and pointers on how to write quality essays.



This article intends to help students who need help in writing their essays by outlining some dos and don’ts in essay composition.



Do select a good topic. A good topic means it is within the scope of a student’s subject field and is something he can write about in detail and eloquently. The student must have an utmost interest in the topic so he can maintain his momentum throughout the entire essay writing process.



Do not select a topic which has very limited sources of information. Information is vital to writing UK essays. Without information, there would be nothing to write. The student may end up choosing another topic.



Do follow the instructions of the assigning professor. Most professors give detailed instructions on how their students should proceed with their essay writing assignment. If the professor gave instructions to write anthropology essays of 400 to 500 words, his student should follow it to the detail.



Do not take for granted the given deadline. Many students start writing their UK essays near the submission date. If students start writing their essays near the deadline, they may not have time solving or dealing with unforeseen problems that arises during the process.



Do create an outline. The outline serves as a guide or roadmap when writing an essay. It guides the students what to write and allows them to organize their essay ideas. The outline also lets the students determine if their researched information are enough to cover the topic.



Do not include unrelated information. Aside from illustrations, students must avoid including information that do not support the topic or are useless. Unrelated information takes up space and causes the writer to stray away from the topic.



Do proofread the essay. After writing the whole essay, it is advisable to review and proofread it. There may be important information not included or there may be mistakes to be corrected. By reviewing and proofreading, students could submit a flawless essay.



Do not submit the paper after the deadline. Most professors do not accept late submissions. Even if they accept late essays, students should expect failing or just barely passing marks.


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