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Dissertation Writing is Commenting, Analysing and Applying

Posted by essay-writer on June 28, 2013 at 5:05 AM

In your dissertation writing and,specifically in your methodology, avoid any reference to significantfinding if you cannot specify their statistical significance. Youshould carefully and correctly decide where using graphical displayslike bar charts or pie charts are more applicable than using tables.

Give Comments – For your methodology and your dissertation writing as a whole, separate the label name series of tables from that of other forms. Present a list of tables and the other presentations at the beginning of your thesis. Every table and figure you include in your thesis calls for you to give comments for each of them in the main body of the text of your thesis. To do this, you should avoid simply repeating the data or simply stating them. Instead, facilitate the reader in noticing and making sense of patterns the data involves.

Analyse the Text – To help you in the methodology of your dissertation writing, you can use some notes on textual analysis. If you are using data which are text, including audio-visual texts, you should be clear what your methodology textual analysis is. Part of this is following a specific published model. You can choose from semiotic analysis, content analysis and discourse analysis. Always remember that the meaning of data lies in the interpretation of it and of its text. Be mindful not to fall into the trap of assuming that the meaning of data lies within the text. You should avoid giving yourself the privilege of an 'elite interpreter.' To do this, you must solicit the responses of others as viewers, readers or listeners of the data you have gathered.


Application – You can also use the help of some note on interview data. First, you should consider that you need lots of time to transcribe interview data. For example, you can allot 2 hours for an audio-recording which is 10 minutes long. You also need as a general framework the guide of some interview data interpretation pointers for assistance. Some of them were developed for interpretation of specific data and text, a research essay for example; however, they can be applied in other kinds of data and text because of their broader relevance.

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