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Writing a Master's Dissertation: Making It a Lot Easier

Posted by essay-writer on July 30, 2013 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (2)

Writing a dissertation for a undergraduate course is already a very difficult project. Since a masters’ field is on a completely new level higher than any undergraduate course, we could expect a masters’dissertation to be much more complicated and more complex than undergraduate thesis. For a master’s student, a dissertation mean sa lot of suffering.

It does not mean, however, that masters’ student could not do anything to ease his dissertation sufferings. There are a number of approaches, methods and techniques by which a master’s student could employ to make his dissertation writing project a lot easier.

Forinstance, one of things that could make a master’s dissertation very burdensome is the other activities, whether academic or non-academic -- that could interrupt or disrupt a student’s writing schedule. Thus, a student should clear his schedule by getting rid of any activity that may interrupt his dissertation project. Likewise, a student should learn how to say ‘no’ to new commitments. If a student knows how to decline incoming commitments, he could focus solely on his dissertation.

A student could make his dissertation project a lot easier if he acquires samples of master’s dissertation from the university library orfrom dissertation writing services. These samples serve as guides or benchmarks by which a student could use to determine whether he is doing the right thing in writing his master’s dissertation.

Dissertation projects could also be made a lot easier if a student avail of the services of talented and qualified advisor. Most of the time, the success of a master’s dissertation is determined by the quality ofthe advisor.

These are only some of the ways by which a student could make his master’s dissertation a lot easier. As long as a student knows what to do, he could achieve success.


Dissertation Writing is Commenting, Analysing and Applying

Posted by essay-writer on June 28, 2013 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

In your dissertation writing and,specifically in your methodology, avoid any reference to significantfinding if you cannot specify their statistical significance. Youshould carefully and correctly decide where using graphical displayslike bar charts or pie charts are more applicable than using tables.

Give Comments – For your methodology and your dissertation writing as a whole, separate the label name series of tables from that of other forms. Present a list of tables and the other presentations at the beginning of your thesis. Every table and figure you include in your thesis calls for you to give comments for each of them in the main body of the text of your thesis. To do this, you should avoid simply repeating the data or simply stating them. Instead, facilitate the reader in noticing and making sense of patterns the data involves.

Analyse the Text – To help you in the methodology of your dissertation writing, you can use some notes on textual analysis. If you are using data which are text, including audio-visual texts, you should be clear what your methodology textual analysis is. Part of this is following a specific published model. You can choose from semiotic analysis, content analysis and discourse analysis. Always remember that the meaning of data lies in the interpretation of it and of its text. Be mindful not to fall into the trap of assuming that the meaning of data lies within the text. You should avoid giving yourself the privilege of an 'elite interpreter.' To do this, you must solicit the responses of others as viewers, readers or listeners of the data you have gathered.


Application – You can also use the help of some note on interview data. First, you should consider that you need lots of time to transcribe interview data. For example, you can allot 2 hours for an audio-recording which is 10 minutes long. You also need as a general framework the guide of some interview data interpretation pointers for assistance. Some of them were developed for interpretation of specific data and text, a research essay for example; however, they can be applied in other kinds of data and text because of their broader relevance.

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My Preparations for Defending my Ph.D. Dissertation

Posted by essay-writer on May 21, 2013 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)


Afterthree years of hard work involving academic research, classwork andhaving a part-time job at the same time, I have completed thedissertation task for my Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree and Imust prepare for the oral examination that I would undergo before anexamining committee. It would be four weeks before the schedule of myoral defense of my work. I previously met and talk to some Ph.D., orother postgraduate students who have finished with the oral defenseof their dissertations and they first thing they said to me is thatthe examination is a nerve wracking and highly pressured experience.



Sofour weeks before the oral examination of my Ph.D., dissertation, Italked to other postgraduate students and asked them on thepreparations they made for the defense of their research, theiractual experiences during the oral examination, and I got somepointers from them about the examination. I also researched, read andstudied many materials on oral defense of a Ph.D., and I collectedall the notes from my reading and studying on oral examination of apostgraduate work so I would have a written guide I could review.



Sonow I am sharing in this blog the tips and other procedures on thepreparations for defending a postgraduate dissertation:



Youshould also talk to the members of the supervising committee thatadvises your research work because some of them may offer some advicefor your defense presentation.



Reviewingand practicing is another important tip in preparing for the defense.You should attend campus forum discussions that have similar formatsto the oral defense of a postgraduate work. You should also read andstudy your document inside and out because you are expected to be anexpert on the academic research that is the basis of the document.




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Do?s and don?ts in Writing Essays

Posted by essay-writer on May 6, 2013 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Essay writing in universities and schools in the United Kingdom is as common as seat works, reviews, oral recitation and written examinations. Writing UK essays may be an easy task – it is not a long as a term paper or a thesis, and may not require much research job. Thus, many students become confiden tthat they could write quality essays. However, when they commence writing this piece of academic paper, they would wish that they know some tips and pointers on how to write quality essays.



This article intends to help students who need help in writing their essays by outlining some dos and don’ts in essay composition.



Do select a good topic. A good topic means it is within the scope of a student’s subject field and is something he can write about in detail and eloquently. The student must have an utmost interest in the topic so he can maintain his momentum throughout the entire essay writing process.



Do not select a topic which has very limited sources of information. Information is vital to writing UK essays. Without information, there would be nothing to write. The student may end up choosing another topic.



Do follow the instructions of the assigning professor. Most professors give detailed instructions on how their students should proceed with their essay writing assignment. If the professor gave instructions to write anthropology essays of 400 to 500 words, his student should follow it to the detail.



Do not take for granted the given deadline. Many students start writing their UK essays near the submission date. If students start writing their essays near the deadline, they may not have time solving or dealing with unforeseen problems that arises during the process.



Do create an outline. The outline serves as a guide or roadmap when writing an essay. It guides the students what to write and allows them to organize their essay ideas. The outline also lets the students determine if their researched information are enough to cover the topic.



Do not include unrelated information. Aside from illustrations, students must avoid including information that do not support the topic or are useless. Unrelated information takes up space and causes the writer to stray away from the topic.



Do proofread the essay. After writing the whole essay, it is advisable to review and proofread it. There may be important information not included or there may be mistakes to be corrected. By reviewing and proofreading, students could submit a flawless essay.



Do not submit the paper after the deadline. Most professors do not accept late submissions. Even if they accept late essays, students should expect failing or just barely passing marks.


UK Essay Tips: Writing Human Rights Essays

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One example of a UK essay is Human Rights essays. It may be assigned in fields of study such as Law,Political Science and Humanities. The focus may vary depending on the level of study and the role of Human Rights in the topic being studied. It may be a full-length discussion about an issue directly concerning Human Rights, or it may only be part of the discussion of some other topic and the discussion on Human Rights only serves as an introduction.

Whatever the role of Human Rights in the topic may be, the important thing is to write UK essays that meet the standards of British universities. The British educational system is different from others in that it encourages written work that shows the breadth of a student’s reading and the originality of the approach by the student in discussing the topic. This is particularly a challenge for foreign students such as Americans who are not used to summarizing the work that they have done over the course of one semester into just one or two essays and/or an examination period lasting all of three hours. This intense focus on the skills needed for writing papers is the reason why nearly all British universities provide special tutorial sessions for their students.

The key to successfully completing requirements such as UK essays is knowing what is expected of you as a student in a particular subject, and being able to meet these expectations. UK university students are, as a general rule, expected to take charge of their own education. This means that they are given more leeway in reading to enhance their knowledge of the subject. In fact, most courses will rely heavily on the knowledge you have gained from these readings on time outside of the class. This is evidenced by the sheer number of readings which is given by the professor or tutor on or around the first day of class. The list of as many as 50books and journal articles can be intimidating for any student. It is then upon the student’s discretion as an intelligent scholar which specific materials to read.

Two Directions to Take in French Essay Writing Tasks

Posted by essay-writer on April 3, 2013 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (1)

In the United States, academic French essay writing tasks could be performed in secondary schools where French is the primary foreign language studies and taught as part of a foreign language education programme, and in universities and colleges where the students take up courses in French culture, history and language. But it is the university and college students taking up French related courses that would regularly write French essays because the essays are part of their course requirements.



For the university and college students taking up undergraduate courses in or related to French, the extensive nature of their French essay writing tasks could mean that their there would be two directions when they research and write their French essays. The first direction is that the students would be writing essays that are written in the actual French language because they are taking up language courses in French. Therefore, the students would write essays with the use of French as part of the language training of their courses.



The second direction of the French essay writing tasks would be the students writing essays that are not necessarily written in French, but the essay topics would be related to French. The French essays could cover topics such as: the origin, history and development of the French language; the geographic distribution of the French language in the world; the history, genetics, national identity, and citizenship of the French people; and specific aspects of France as a country including its history, demographics, geography, politics,economy, and culture.



However, if a student would still have some difficulties in completing his essay on French and the submission deadline is nearing, he would always have the option of contacting the various web-based essay writing companies that have proliferated in the Internet. The student could choose a reputable, professional, but affordable essay writing company where he could buy essay that is custom written according to his detailed essay requirements. If he buys a custom written essay, he would be able to save time in the researching and writing processes because he could use it as a model document for his own essay so he could submit it on time.


How Essay Services Saved Me (Part 3 of 3 Posts)

Posted by essay-writer on February 21, 2013 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

In a matter of a few hours, she found several options including an Essay Writing Services that appeared on the first 10 search results. Still she kept her options open before finally settling on one she preferred to keep to herself. 

“I can’t believe I am going to submit an essay I bought online,” she told me in the morning.

Being geeks and a goody-goody most our student lives, her sighs seemed like heaves from someone waiting in line at the death throes, as if being tormented by regret.

I didn’t bother to ask her questions. I knew what she was going through.

A week later, which came as a bit of a surprise for her and secretly for me, too, she got a 2:1 mark on that essay assignment. Wow, so these writers are for real? I asked myself.

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How Essay Services Saved Me (Part 2 of 3 Posts)

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However, in that one, she was in financial throes when her father was carried away by massive layoffs that flooded Europe and America. Despite being university scholars, she had to support her daily sustenance with a job she reports to in the evenings while my parents were still heavily supporting me.


It was midterms, and we couldn’t afford a mark lower than the best, as scholars should. She had asked her boss previously to give her a day off to be able to finish the essay assignment she begun writing three days previously, just when things got hectic at her part-time job. Her request for leave was declined. This left her no other choice, no matter how repulsing it was for her, but to give essay services a shot.

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How Essay Services Saved Me (Part 1 of 3 Posts)

Posted by essay-writer on February 19, 2013 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (1)

 It had been preconditioned in me to never resort to essay services for my writing assignment. As a consistent honour student in high school and still one of the smartest in class, essay writing services were for me only for the uninitiated and lazy bones who keep their nights spent on partying without regard for aiming to get the highest grades their intellect can possibly achieve.


Once, my dorm roomie, whom I had so much regard for being academically competent, went to an online essay writer for her essay that was due in a couple days. Being both geeks, but cool chicks, nonetheless (it’s how we wanted to perceive ourselves), we had formed a productive habit of not letting an assignment sit overnight without at least getting on with it.

To Chance a Dissertation Writing Service

Posted by essay-writer on January 31, 2013 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Students don’t want people to rub it in. Consequently, they look for ways to prove people their wrong,that ‘yes,’ they got this. So higher education institutions proffered an avenue: the so-called, dissertation writing activity.

An endeavour that is results-oriented, as much as it is process-oriented, it seemed never to grow faddish. The text in that hard- or wired-bound piece may fade, but the study cannot lose its all-immortalised purpose – to provide students witha tangible proof that all those years of education weren’t a mere waste.

Interestingly, the conventions governing the conduct and final production of the discourse undergo a successful evolution. Styles were designed to fit the kind of discourse to be made, as is with other aspects of the endeavour. Apparently, not the same kind of evolution was integrated in students’ preparation.

Nowadays, it has become commonplace for students to hook for solace with a dissertation writing service in the eventuality of discourse trouble. They find the reliability and quality of support reinforced in it, in a consistent manner not so oft-proffered with supervisors. Not that the supervisors fail to do their best; it’s just students’ demands grew in proportion to the evolutions touching the endeavour.

And with this added support, the complexities of finishing the piece ceased not to build. Below are implications as to why it is so:

  • Either students or dissertation writing service fail to aptly provide the accurate specifics of the service. The other party’s expectation of the outcome or output wasn’t met due to a neglect of putting emphasis in pertinent details.
  • Either one or both party fail to be prompt in collecting or disseminating information regarding the service. The expected externality would more likely be longer turnaround-time.

Because of these complexities, it would be helpful to point out the difference a healthy nourishment (of the relationship between students and dissertation writing service firms) would make. Such is made possible by careful research and reading of contracts and agreed terms; consistent expression of gratitude or appreciation; maintaining utmost respect in communications; and patience in the overall manner of transaction.

All of those measures, evidently, reinforces students’ exhibition of a higher level of maturity. Without them, the relationship is bound to corrode, conflicts may ensue, and respect misplaced. Yet,the rewards of successfully nourishing it are bound to bounce back in the quality of discourse made, and students’ inherent development, too.

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